Body Mass Index
Obesity can not be determined by weight alone it can be obtained by measuring the BMI of the individual. The BMI is the universal calculation for defining whether a person is under weight, overweight and obese.

Metric BMI calculation

Enter in your height and weight bellow and compare your BMI result using the the chart on the right.

Height:  Metres (Note: 1 Metre = 100cm)


Your BMI:
BMI Weight Status
Below 20 Underweight
20–24.9 Normal
25.0–29.9 Overweight


Over 40 Severely obese

Note: This calculator requires a JavaScript-enabled Web browser to operate.

The BMI formula

There is also a manual method for calculating your B.M.I (see calculation below):

BMI graph

This graph can be used to give an individual an indication of whether their are obese. Find your height on the far right of the graph and then link it with your weight in pounds.