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Homophones Level 2

A Homophone is a word or words that sound the same but are spelt differently and have a different meaning.In the story there are lots of homophones. You have to choose the correct word to fit the story.

Assessment Help: Fill in the gaps by selecting the correct answer.

is a I know who can't spell. The words that he difficult those that sound like other words. he gets confused.

When he wants the somewhere or the of something he can say the word but he can't it down.

He sometimes or even three words from but he always chooses the wrong on.

One day he went for a long drive to the . He parked his car in a beautiful spot and went for a walk on the sea . He didn't in the queue to buy a parking ticket because he was in a rush and when he returned had been . He went in the face and kicked his car but he forgot he sandals because it was hot and hurt his . There were really .

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